Why is retro gaming popular for those born in the 80s?

Why is retro gaming popular for those born in the 80s?

In the past few years, retro gaming has seen quite the resurgence, and it continues to be extremely popular. But with new games coming all the time and gaming being an industry more popular than movies, why are people getting back to the old school consoles and games? The reason is simple, the 80s were the prime time for video game innovation and creation. Many of us that were born during the late 70s and 80s got to experience these amazing games during their childhood.

Relieving the great childhood memories

One of the reasons why retro gaming is so popular is because it allows 80s kids that are now adults to play those games they always loved. For many 80s kids, videogames were a way to express themselves and explore or learn new things. Obviously, that sentiment has remained in their hearts, so playing retro titles is a way to bring those memories back and cherish them forever.

Many retro games were very innovative

In order to become great in an era of innovation, you had to innovate as well. That’s why many retro games have lots of replay value, and they are also unlike any other games out there. Nowadays, you have dozens upon dozens of shooter games and multiple iterations of the same series like COD or Battlefield. During the 80s, it was very important to create new experiences, and many people are still drawn to them quite a bit.

Incredible gameplay

80s games were known for being challenging, at least most of them. These days games are purposefully made simple and easy to play in order for everyone to enjoy them. The reality here is that retro games required you to think outside the box, be creative and boost your skills as you tried to complete all kinds of challenges.

People connect over nostalgia

You will notice that many play retro games with friends and family. Why is that? Retro games bring in a sense of connection, social interaction, and they are a whole lot of fun. Plus, people find retro gaming as a common ground, and they can establish great friendships over something like this. It just says a lot about retro games and how exciting and engaging they really are.

Retro hardware is affordable and more accessible nowadays

There are many reasons for that. Some people are selling their old consoles and games because they don’t want to play them. Also, there are companies that re-released their consoles to work with modern TVs and hardware. As a result, you have pretty much all you need to enjoy retro hardware and all of its benefits.

One thing is certain, retro gaming is making a resurgence and we couldn’t be happier. It shows that old games are not gone, if anything a new generation is able to play and enjoy them. And why wouldn’t this happen? Many retro games are incredible, they still look quite nice these days, and you will have a great time playing through them!



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